Which of These New-Car Tech Will You Add to Your Used Car?

Purchasing a quality used car instead of putting more money into a brand-new car is a smart financial decision. However, your new vehicle may not have every piece of technology you admire in newer model cars. Fortunately, adding new-car tech to your car, even the used Hyundai i45 for sale is relatively simple and affordable – and here are some add-on tech available.

Head-up displays

Also known as HUD, these devices are usually found on newer models of the BMW, Mazda, Hyundai, Audi, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You will also find HUDs on some Ford demo cars for sale Brisbane has to offer. The display units project navigation onto the windshield as a transparent image.

Some of the information you see include arrows for upcoming turns, engine warnings, mileage, speed and much more. Since you are installing the display as an after-market device, you will be required to install a transparent screen on the dash, just in front of your windshield. HUDs vary in terms of compatibility, functionality, and price.

The rear-view camera

All newer cars these days come equipped with rear-view cameras from the factory. They help avoid obstacles whenever you are reversing out of a parking position. Different models offer you different functionalities, including some that are wireless and quite easy to install on your own. Other models that you can install on your Hyundai Kona for sale QLD older model come with extra features like night vision.

Parking sensors

When moving into and out of tight parking areas, these sensors help reduce your anxiety and stress of guiding your vehicle. Most of the affordable options are so easy to install that you can do it yourself without calling in a mechanic. See more at Scenic Motors

The sensors produce sound waves, like bats, that detect how far you are from an object and emit beeping sounds when you are too close. Some vehicle models, such as a 2012 Hyundai i45 for sale, come equipped with parking sensors. If your car does not have sensors pre-installed, always check to be sure that whatever sensor you are buying is compatible.

Blind-spot warning systems

This is a great aftermarket product for those who drive a lot on the highway and help save you from scary near-miss experiences as well as accidents. The system is a recent aftermarket option that’s more costly compared to the other products on this list, but expect prices to fall in time.

The system makes use of a radar sensor installed just below the rear license plate. It is then connected to an alert indicator in the car and alerts you any time a car moves into your blind spot. It is also a great tool for backing out from a parking spot when you cannot see other vehicles driving by.


Adding new-car tech is the best way to upgrading your ride, even that Skoda 100 for sale, with some of the latest features in the market. Whether you are looking to purchase a new car or a used car, you can save money if you shop the superior selection available at Scenic Motors. Ready to find out just how enjoyable a Hyundai i45 for sale is in QLD, go to scenicmotors.com.au now!