Make Sure Your Commercial Property is Ready for Sale with this Tips

In recent years, the Australian commercial property market has experienced some activity upsurge. This is mainly due to investors taking a keen interest in properties, such as commercial land for sale Sunshine Coast has to offer, with the volumes of deals rising. Even amidst this comeback, however, it will not be easy for commercial real estate owners to sell their properties.

Below are tips to ensure that your listed commercial property is sold quickly, even a leased commercial property for sale.

Refresh the look of your property

Regardless of whether the interior space is pretty or not in the pictures you put up with your listing, the exterior is ultimately the buyer’s first impression. For older commercial properties, consider increasing curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint, for example. Use paint colours that are trending and are suitable for the type of buyers you want to attract to your building.

Minor repairs to lighting fixtures, windows, doors, and common areas are all part of commercial space makeover. Boost the appearance of the property even further using landscaping. Since these properties do not always sell better when empty, make sure that you make the interior as clean as possible.

Have realistic demands

Commercial land for sale Sunshine Coast owners must be sure about their asking price and what the current market is likely to pay. Asking too little or too much is never a good idea when you are looking to sell a commercial property. Asking for too much is a significant reason why commercial properties are not sold for months while asking too little is a clear indicator that you are losing some money.

Gather documentation

Before listing that property, gather all the required documents and information in regards to your property. Such documents include:

  • Your replies to the Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CSPSEs)
  • Asbestos survey report for an older property
  • An energy performance certificate
  • Your planning and building regulations documentation
  • A fire risk assessment report
  • Other documentation relevant to the commercial property, including a health and safety file, air conditioning maintenance records, and details of rates and additional costs a buyer is liable for

Paperwork is something most owners leave their attorneys to handle, but you must be familiar with these documents required in the commercial property transaction. Remember to keep all the documentation current and organized.

Become familiar with all sides of the transaction

While you are the commercial property’s seller, it does pay to educate yourself on what it takes to buy commercial property as well. This is a critical step to ensure that you and the buyer are on the same page, so the transaction is as smooth as possible. Further, understanding the priorities of the buyer offers you a better chance of making your commercial property even more attractive.

Choose the right listing

Online listings, such as those run by Henzells Agency, are an excellent opportunity to make sure that many people view your commercial property and commercial land for sale Sunshine Coast listing. The team at Henzells will ensure that your property is in from of the most viewers as possible. To find out more, visit their website