Role of GPs in providing preventive medical support

In order to remain ’fit as a fiddle’ you should take proper care of your health. Effective primary health care facility is the foundation to address issues relating to many of the major health problems. Strong primary care requires strong family medicine and the services of an after hours general practitioner. This, in turn, is the sum and substance of the publication made by Asia Pacific family medicine highlighting the role of General Practice (GP) in Australia.

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British Journal of General Practice:

Underlining the importance of primary health care and the role of GPs, a publication of British Journal of General Practice points out that the general practitioner evaluates the social context, work and environment of the patient. In the backdrop of these factors and with his deep knowledge of matters relating to various diseases, the GP will formulate a viable diagnosis and treatment procedure.

Visit your home:

Perhaps the role of an after hours general practitioner is a corollary to the popular adage ‘either Mohammad should go to the mountain or the mountain should come to Mohammad’. Many times it happens that because of your busy schedule you are unable to visit the doctor even for a routine medical checkup. Now, it is the turn of the GPs to visit your place and provide you the necessary primary health care so that you remain ‘fit as a fiddle’. Click here SmartClinics

Services 24/7/365:

For your benefit, some of the primary health care units keep the clinic open from 7 AM to 11 PM wherein the services of GPs are made available. In case of a necessity, you can visit after hours gp in Brisbane easily. In an emergency, sometimes the GP will also visit your home and provide you the necessary treatment. In short, the services of GPs can be availed 24/7/365.

Specialist treatment:

As the very term indicates the after hours general practitioner is not a specialist in any particular branch of medical science. The GP makes an overall evaluation of your health as regards every aspect of your body. After the diagnosis, if the GP finds that you need care of a specialist, then you will be referred to the appropriate specialist treatment.

Preventive medical support:

In addition to the routine medical care and support, the GP also concentrates on preventive medical support. This medical support has helped many Australians to optimize their health. In fact, most of the preventive health care facilities provided by the gp after hours Brisbane wide are affordable.

NAMDS observation:

On the other hand, the National Association for Medical Deputizing (NAMDS) which is a nodal agency for after hours medical deputizing services has set out several norms so as to improve the quality of primary health care services of after hours Brisbane doctor. NAMDS has noted that apart from the working class, even the elderly and children are making constant use of the services of GPs. The effective services of GPs have spared the patients from visiting the already overcrowded hospitals.

Primary health clinics:

Several popular primary health care services like the have established their clinics in different parts of the city. These clinics are connected by a network facility. You may visit any of the health clinics for your well-being.