The Advantages of Direct Sourcing from China

There are several advantages that you can derive from China direct sourcing. Sourcing agents can be a boon or bane for your business depending on who you are working with. If you carrying out a small scale sourcing from China, then you may not be able to justify the cost of hiring sourcing agents and trading assistants in China or even maintaining  back office operations in China. In such cases, direct sourcing will offer you a very viable alternative that you can work with.

china direct sourcing

If you are importing the small volumes of products from China, then the most reputable sourcing agents will definitely be out of your price range. Besides, you are hiring the sourcing agents because of the risks that are involved in the business for foreigners. But these are risks that you can manage if you take the process of direct sourcing from China seriously. Here are some of the main advantages of direct sourcing in China:

Reduce Operating Costs: By opting for the China direct sourcing of your products, you will be drastically cutting down on your operating costs. China is a low cost manufacturing hub and by cutting out the brokers who cut into your margin, you will be able to significantly boost your margins when sourcing your products from China. As a result, you also be able to increase your competitive advantage in the local market.

Build long term personal connections with the suppliers: By going into the process, you get the opportunity to deliver strong interpersonal relationships with those suppliers and manufacturers that are making your products. This allows you to build the kind of relationship that will help you achieve much more for your business.

For example, you will be able to work on your product specifications without worrying about a lot getting lost in translation and you can even place orders for custom manufacturing of goods at very reasonable rates from your Chinese suppliers.

Make more capital funds available for your business: China direct sourcing will make more funds available for your business which can be redeployed in other business development areas. In a highly competitive business environment, having extra funds to develop your business systems will no doubt give you a massive competitive edge in the industry.

Cut on risk: With a well-managed China direct sourcing, you will be able to significantly cut down on your business risks which may result from sourcing. Because you are personally involved in the process to a large extent in the sourcing, you are able to closely manage risks at all levels and eventually get the products that you really need and at the right rate.

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